Spreadtweet beta

Disguise your twitter feed


  • Amusing idea
  • Fits tons of tweets in its window


  • No support for links
  • Very basic


Is work getting in the way of Twitter? It's an increasing problem, as bosses begin to get wise that maybe employees are treating tweeting as their most important activity.

Developer Elliot Kember has a partial solution to anti twitter activity, and it's called Spreadtweet. Available in three versions, Mac OSX, Office 2007 and 2003 (the version being reviewed here) it's designed to blend in to your operating system and look like an Excel sheet.

As a Twitter client, you couldn't get more basic. The Excel style is only an image - you can minimize it, but not re size it. The feed doesn't support links at all, although you can post your tweets, and check your relies, direct messages and reload the page when you like.
The visual effect is quite convincing, although it won't stand up to scrutiny. Also, the button in the task bar will be a giveaway something's not right!




Spreadtweet beta

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